All the research and development for the Lucchini RS Group is performed in Italy. Our design solutions have been defined according to the relevant national and international standards and have often gone beyond such already strict requirements.

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Lucchini RS has invested in technology and innovation from the beginning, now boasting one of the world’s largest, most advanced, and complete train wheel and axle accredited testing facilities. All of the Lucchini RS products and solutions are tested, improved, and scientifically validated to target industry-specific challenges. Cutting-edge equipment and impartial, independent, and knowledgeable staff allow the laboratories to perform metallurgical and metallographic tests, chemical and environmental analyses, as well as mechanical, fracture, fatigue, dilatometric, and corrosion tests of wheelsets, axles, wheels.

In the R&D Laboratory fatigue and stress tests, on full scale wheelset components from normal series production, are carried out to validate and qualify the product and production process. The laboratory is equipped with 2 resonance test benches able to perform fatigue test (up to 25Hz) on wheels and axles according to relevant standards and other test benches mainly used for research activities (wear, crack propagation, RCF, etc.). The superior quality of the service offered by Lucchini RS laboratories is recognized and guaranteed by ACCREDIA, which certifies conformance with the requirements of UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 in carrying out the accredited tests.

LAB N° 1199 L
Signatory of EA, IAF and ILAC
Mutual Recognition Agreements

LAB N° 1339 L
Signatory of EA, IAF and ILAC
Mutual Recognition Agreements

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